The Future of Clean Combustion

 Diesel Fleet Managers and Engine Manufacturers Are Struggling With Government Regulations

We Help Cut Emissions AND Reduce Fuel & Maintenance Costs


Making Particulate Matter Emissions: “A Thing of the Past”

We understand the impossible task of building or maintaining a high-performance diesel engine that meets government environmental regulations and is cost effective.

We've spent the past 10 years developing a hydrogen-based solution that has been proven in EPA approved labs to enhance diesel engine performance and reduce emissions.

Hydrogen has been known to enhance combustion for many decades.

But there has never been an practical and affordable solution that diesel manufacturers or fleet owners could consider… until the LeefH2.

We created the LeefH2 (Leveraging Energy Efficient Fuel with Hydrogen) to give diesel fleet owners and diesel engine manufacturers the ability to:

  • increase the life of vehicles and engines

  • improve their fuel economy

  • provide better protection for the environment

  • help businesses stay ahead of the curve of government regulations

  • save owners thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance cost

  • provide an Environmental Plus: Release Oxygen to the atmosphere

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Proven Results

  • Up to 80% Reduction Black Carbon (PM)

  • 12-25% Reduction fuel consumption

  • 24-35% Reduction CO

  • 20-30% Reduction NOx

  • 45–60% Reduction unburned HC

Patented technology

  • 14 US Patents

  • 3 Chinese Patents

  • 2 Japanese Patents