Embrace The Diesel Technology of Tomorrow

Give engines the advantage of cleaner combustion


Lower Emissions

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Less Maintenance

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Save Money


Industries and organizations that rely on diesel engines are stuck.

Most solutions that aim to replace diesel engines or lower their emissions are too costly to start or create more maintenance issues in the end.

We can help you easily get the next-generation diesel engine.

You shouldn't have to choose between fiscal and environmental responsibility.


Get Started Today With The Future of Clean Combustion

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Step 2

Purchase a LeefH2 license or have us install it on your fleet.


Step 3

Save money and help the environment

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The works in any diesel engine

We Work With:

Fleet Owners

√ Commercial Shipping

√ Trucking

√ Airlines

√ Professional/Specialty Transportation

Governments & Nonprofits

√ Local & National Governments

√ Military Branches

√ Public Transit & Schools

√ Public Works

Engine Manufacturers

√ Private Manufacturers

√ Public Manufacturers

√ Custom Manufacturers


Uses a small amount of water


Increases fuel efficiency


Easily fits any engine size

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Low cost


creates oxygen That helps the planet

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Reduces maintenance


Don’t Settle For Obsolete Diesel Engines

With a pressing need for environmental change, the leefh2 is the only low cost, high return solution of its kind

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Relying on Old Diesel Technology Will Continue To Cost More Money and Harm to the Environment

We help Diesel Engines reduce Emissions, Lower maintenance, and increase profitability


How Much Do Clean Energy Solutions Really Cost?

See how the financial and environmental costs compare