Making Particulate Matter Emissions a thing of the past TM
LeefH2 and Oxygen

Oxygen is important to life on earth because all living things combine the food they eat with oxygen to obtain energy which keeps them going. Oxygen is the most important element for aerobic life, being 65% of the human body essential for energizing and cleansing cells. Decreasing oxygen levels in our atmosphere (e.g. carbon dioxide levels have doubled during the past 200 years, and are increasing by 1% p.a . ) are resulting in serious environmental and health problems. Oxygen deficiency (anaerobic state) leads to abnormal accumulation of metabolic waste in our bodies, and disempowers our systems from combating harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Oxygen is not the main constituent of Earth's atmosphere, comprising 21% of the total compared with Nitrogen's 78%, but its role in the survival of many forms of life elevates its significance. Most people are well aware of the important role oxygen plays in metabolic processes, but the fact that oxygen in the atmosphere owes its existence as much to life as life owes its existence to it is often overlooked. It was life itself that created an oxygenated atmosphere and continues to maintain it.

Similar to trees and other plant life, the LeefH2 also breaks down water into its basic components, hydrogen and oxygen and releases the oxygen to the atmosphere.

Even more oxygen can be produced with larger LeefH2 systems.

Although a world-wide collaborative effort will be required, as "WE" (The world) endeavor to enhance air quality and to abate climate change worldwide, with the goal of making Particulate Matter emissions "A thing of the Past", WE can produce millions of tons of oxygen for our atmosphere.

How Many LeefH2s Can "WE" (The world) Plant?

One combustion engine did not create our environmental problems, millions did. Likewise one LeefH2 cannot fix our environmental problems…perhaps millions can.