Making Particulate Matter Emissions a thing of the past TM
Environmentally PowerfulTM

The LeefH2TM is beyond Environmentally Friendly, it is Environmentally PowerfulTM.  Not only does it reduce particulate matter emissions and improve combustion efficiency, thus lowering the amount of fuel used and the amount of certain types of pollutants going into the atmosphere, but it also supplies life-supporting oxygen to the planet…Just like a tree.

Particulate Matter Reduction

Particulate Matter emissions, particularly those from diesel engines are a result of unburned fuel exiting the exhaust of the engine. The LeefH2 technology reduces particulate matter emissions by burning more of the fuel “in the combustion chamber”.

Diesel exhaust is a particular health concern. There are 1.25 million diesel-fueled engines and vehicles operating in California alone. These diesel vehicles account for only 2 percent of on-road motor vehicles in the state, but they produce 30 percent of the nitrogen oxides and 60 percent of the particulate matter directly emitted from California motor vehicles. Diesel exhaust also contains over 40 different substances identified by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) as toxic air contaminants that may pose a threat to human health. The particulate matter in diesel exhaust has been identified as a toxic air contaminant by ARB, and it has been linked to lung cancer.

In our diesel engine testing in EPA approved labs, we have shown a particulate matter reduction of 49% in smaller diesel engines and 43% in larger diesel engines, IN THE COMBUSTION CHAMBER of the engine. That means that 43% - 49% less particulate matter entered the atmosphere because of our system. We believe after optimizing the system for various engine types, that number can be from a 70% to 90% reduction.

Breathable Oxygen Production

HNO Greenfuels, Inc, first and foremost believes in all the things that Mother Nature has created to produce the oxygen in the atmosphere. The trees, the grass, the plants, the oceans and the list goes on. It is NOT our attempt to replace or be a substitute for any of these items.

However, a wonderful by-product of our product for lowering particulate matter emissions and improving the combustion efficiency of combustion engines is that we produce breathable oxygen for the atmosphere. So as we seek to improve the combustion efficiency of every single combustion engine on earth, thereby reducing fuel consumption and particulate matter emissions, we will by default add millions of tons of life-sustaining oxygen to the atmosphere……which MAY…just MAY help Mother Nature in the repair of our fragile planet from the effects of global warming.