Making Particulate Matter Emissions a thing of the past TM
About HNO

Located in Southern California, HNO Green Fuels, Inc. is a manufacturing, distribution, and research and development company specializing in reducing particulate matter emissions or Black Carbon (BC), improving combustion efficiency and fuel economy and producing breathable oxygen.

HNO stands for “Hydrogen and Oxygen”, the two main components of water (H2O), which generates the extremely abundant catalyst that we use to increase the combustion efficiency of Hydro-carbon based fuels.

We develop technology that reduces the damage to our environment caused by diesel engines. Our core benefit is the reduction of fuel usage at engine idle, while decreasing BC emissions by nearly 50%.

Our Creed

To enhance air quality and abate negative climate change worldwide.

Our Mission

To make particulate matter emissions from combustion engines a thing of the past.

Our Goals

Reduce or eliminate particulate matter emissions from diesel and jet engines.

To improve combustion efficiency and improve fuel economy in all combustion engines, including engines using gasoline and natural gas.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is reducing particulate matter emissions in diesel engines (trucks, trains, ships, farm and heavy equipment, generators) and jet engines. Our secondary focus is to improve fuel efficiencies of all engines that burn fuel, gasoline or otherwise.

Joint-ownership Partnership

HNO has formed a joint-ownership shareholding-partnership with Future Trends International Group for international product development, global distribution and total corporate growth.

Worldwide Locations

China USA Australia Canada
Dubai India Spain

Intellectual Property

Patents Allowed: (14 patents, more pending) Hydrogen Supplemental System for On-Demand Hydrogen Generation for Internal Combustion Engines

Patent Applications Granted:
Method and Apparatus for Increasing Combustion Efficiency and Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions in Jet Engines.

Portable Hydrogen Supplemental System and Method for Lowering Particulate Matter and Other Emissions In Diesel Engines At Idle.

Domestic and International Patents: 14 US Patents, 2 Chinese Patents, 2 Japanese Patents, 1 Hong Kong Patent, 1 European Patent.